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Chemical Service

TNJ is specialized in Chemicals. We are committed to supplying high quality chemical products and providing technology support. To provide the professional Chemical Solution is what we serve our customers for ever.

Chemical Manufacture

TNJ provides manufacturing service of various chemicals. It includes the regular chemicals which TNJ produces every day. Meanwhile, TNJ provides tailoring service according to clients application or according to the specific requirements of clients. 

  • Chemical Production & Customizing

Chemical Trading

Apart from self-mufactured chemicals, TNJ also do some chemical trading. Since the foundation, TNJ has won big market by good quality products, good service and high reputation. On the basis of high turst and TNJ's good knowledge on Chinese chemical market, many clients request TNJ to purchase chemicals for them.....Now TNJ has Trading team specially providing purchasing service for customers.

  • Purchasing & Quality inspection

Technology Support

TNJ has Technology team in which most technology experts are with many years of chemical research or on-site working experience. We can provide chemical production or usage advice. We believe that suit is best, so we often have to know your exact application field before recommeding you the chemical you would order... If you have any question, please feel free to contact us [email protected]

  • Technology advice & Usage guidance


TNJ is a company specialized in chemicals since 2001. More than 15 years of chemical specialization, in some sense, gives us rich experience in solving chemical issues,including technology, quality, usage etc. TNJ has biult up a technology team in which chemical experts can give you ideal and personalized adivce.


TNJ also has team work researching on chemical marketing. If you have any requirements on chemical materials, you can contact us for Chinese market information on the chemicals.


We hope our chemical specialization can help you find the suitable chemical solutions.

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