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China Dioctyl phthalate
China Dioctyl phthalate manufacturers & suppliers
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    200kg/iron drum
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Do you know where to buy Dioctyl phthalate from China? We strongly recommend TNJ Chemical a professional Dioctyl phthalate factory and supplier from China. Since 2001, TNJ Chemical begun to supply high quality Dioctyl phthalate with competitive price. If you want to find more, please contact [email protected]



Content %          99.5 min.

Chroma, APHA     20 max.
Water %             0.10 max.

Acidity                0.010 max.



DOP products is the most popular plasticizer, which has excellent composite properties, such as good mixing capacity,

high efficiency in plasticized, low volatility, good flexibility in low temperature, water extraction resistance, good electrical properties, good heat resistance and weather ability.

It can be used in the processing ofvarious kinds of soft PVC products, vinyl chloride copolymer and the resin of the fiber, such as film,sheet plate, artificial leather, cable, molded plastic and so on. It also has a good softening effect in a variety of synthetic rubber.


200 kgs/drumx80 drums=16 tons/1x20' FCL

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      China Dioctyl phthalate manufacturers & suppliers
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