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Chlorpyrifos CAS: 2921-88-2
  • CAS No.:

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    pharm grade
  • Packing:

    40kg or 250kg/drum
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Chlorpyrifos is white particle crystal; stable under room temperature; density: 1.398(43.5℃); melting point: 41.5~43.5℃; vapour pressure: 2.5mPa(25℃); water solubility: 1.2mg/L; soluble in most organic solvent



97% Chlorpyrifos  bulk drugs

40% Chlorpyrifos  EC

48% Chlorpyrifos  EC 


Used for protection of fruits, vegetables. cotton, flowers and plants; also used for controlling of pests in soil, ectoparasites on livestock and household pests.


250kg per drum, 20000kg per 20'ft container 

40kg per drum or according to clients' requirement. 

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      Chlorpyrifos CAS: 2921-88-2
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