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Dioctyl Maleate DOM CAS 142-16-5
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Buy Dioctyl Maleate DOM CAS 142-16-5, a chemical intermediate for Dioctyl Maleate DOMfrom TNJ Chemical, China leading Dioctyl Maleate DOM suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Dioctyl Maleate DOM, please mail to [email protected] 


Physical Information

Appearance                         Colorless transparent oily liquid

Density, g/cm3                      0.944

Melting point,℃                         156.00

Boiling point, ℃                      203.00

Flash Point, ℃                        170.00

Refractive index                     1.4535

Solubility                                   Miscible with ether, slightly soluble in water


Items                                    Specification

Appearance                            Colorless transparent oily liquid
Purity (GC), %                        ≥97.00
Trans Content (GC), %            ≤3.00
Total Ester Content (GC), %     ≥99.00
Acid Value, mg KOH/g             ≤0.10
Moisture, %                            ≤0.10
Color, Pt-Co                            ≤30
Flash Point (open cup), ℃        ≥170


DOM mainly Used as an internal plasticizer. It could be copolymerized with monomers like vinyl chloride. Vinyl acetate, styene, acrylic etc. These copolymers have good transparence and impact resistance, can be used in preparing coatings, films, adhesives, rubbers etc, better adjusting the molecular weight, leveling the film, reducing the cost.


200kg per iron drum; 16mt per 20'ft container with or without pallets wrapped

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      Dioctyl Maleate DOM CAS 142-16-5
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