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Glycerol Tribenzoate CAS 614-33-5
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Product name:        Glycerol Tribenzoate

Molecular Formula:  C24H20O6

Molecular weight:    404.412

CAS No.:                614-33-5

EC No.:                  210-379-6

FEMA:                   3398



It is a white crystalline powder or granule. Insoluble in water slightly soluble in ethanol and soluble in benzene chloroform etc.


Item                                          Industrial grade                        Food grade

Appearance at 80℃       Colourless to yellow liquid    Colourless to yellow liquid\     

IR                                  Correspond with criterion Correspond with criterion

Assay (HPLC), %       ≥98                                     ≥98

Melt point, ℃                70.0~74.0                            70.0~74.0

Acid value(mg KOH/g)     ≤2.0                                     ≤1.0

Heavy metal, ppm       ----                                     ≤20.0

As, ppm                          ----                                     ≤3.0

Loss on dry, %                 ----                                    ≤1.0


It can be used as 1) Flavouring agents, JECFA: 861, spices number: 3398. 2)The density / spices gravity balance for Flavouring Agents. 3) Plasticizer and adhesives of polymer coatings that packaging dry food (direct contact with food). 4) Plasticizer for Heat-sealing polymer membrane of plastic package, polymers of molding CD, flexible tubes such as polyvinylidene fluoride, organic photoconductor, nail polish, heat-transfer label, flexible films from plasticized polyester and so on£?as well as hot melt adhesive, moisture curable sealant, inks and finish ect.. 5) Tackifier for ceramic decalcomania in the process of thermal transfer. 6) Binder of waterless dip dye composition. 7) Crystallization accelerator of polyester in the injection molding. 8) Melt viscosity modifier of organic compound. 9) Activator solvents of chemiluminescent.


25kg/drum or as customer require.

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      Glycerol Tribenzoate CAS 614-33-5
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