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buy Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate CAS#: 115-83-3
Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate PETS CAS#: 115-83-3
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Buy Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate PETS CAS#: 115-83-3, an industry chemical from TNJ Chemical, China leading Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate CAS#: 115-83-3 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate CAS#: 115-83-3, please mail to [email protected]

Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate is short for Pentaerythritol stearate, it usually appear as white solid wax with high melting point chemical product. It is soluble in alcohol and benzene.

CAS No.: 115-83-3 

Appearance:  White powder solid or Plate-Shape


                                                     PETS-4                  PETS-3

Acid Value (mgKOH/g) ≤                   2                          2

Lodine Value (gI2∕100g) ≤                2                          2

Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/g)             25-35                   55-65

Saponification Value(mgKOH/g)      185-195              185-195

Melting Point(℃)                            55-65                  50-60


PentPolycarbonate and alloy aerythritol stearate (PETS) can be applied as the internal and external lubricant and mold discharging agent of polycarbonate and alloy, nylon (PA66, PA6), ABS, poly phenylene oxide (PPO), poly phenylene sulfide (PPS); dispersing agent and lubricant of thermoplastic polyester(PBT, PET) and thermoplastic engineering materials such as PA, POM, PP, ABS, PVC, HIPS, PE; antistatic agent, dispersing agent, lubricant, anti fog agent of Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE); slip agent, anti fog agent  of polyurethane (PU). (FDA accreditation, allowing for food packaging materials). PETS has good thermal stability and low volatile at high temperature; stripping and good flow properties; PETS mainly for the purpose of high efficient PVC stabilizer, lubricant and plasticizer and rubber additives raw materials.

1.  Plastification: PETS improve the plastic solution and lubricating in plastification  of rubber 

2. Stablizer:  Apply as the stabilizer, plasticizer and lubricant on PVC. 

3. Lubricant: Apply as lubricant on high quality lubricate oil, metal cutting and Rolling thin steel plate 

4. Softener: Apply as softener in textile industry, making cloth smooth and antistatic. 

5. Oil improver: Apple on leather to make their surface bright and smooth. 

6. Skin care: PETS is good skin care ingredient to keep breathability. 


25kg/bag, or as per customer request

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      Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate PETS CAS#: 115-83-3
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