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Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone Crospovidone PVPP (CAS 25249-54-1) is high molecular weight and crosslinking structure. It is white or creamy white powder with faint characteristic odor, which is easily hydrophilic and capable of complex with such substance as phenol, etc. It is completely insoluble with relatively high crosslink density and does not form gels that can impede disintegration, dissolution and drug release. So PVPP is widely used as disintegrating agent and bulking agent of troche, pelletized granule and capsule in pharmaceutical area.


Specification of PVPP

Appearance                      White powder
Hyperoxide,ppm               ≤ 400
Loss on Drying,%             ≤ 5
Soluble components,%     ≤ 1
Heavy metals,ppm           ≤ 10
Sulphate Ash,%               ≤ 0.1
Nitrogen,%                      11.0-12.8


Application of PVPP

1) PVP-P can be used in beverage industry.
2) PVP-P is a cost-effective and safe treatment in beer industry and Pharmaceutical Industry:
3) Furthermore, PVP-P can also be used to improve solubility, and hence, enhance bioavailability in not only
human but also veterinary applications 

4) Drug Solublization. PVPP can be used as a solid dispersion carrier for drug solubilization, or incorporated into conventional formulations to facilitate the dissolution of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients due to porous surface morphology, large surface area and N-methyl vinylpyrrolidone-like unit molecular structure.

5) Tablet Disintegration. PVPP Combines rapid swelling, wicking (due to porosity and capillary action) and particle recovery on wetting, releasing energy that facilitates disintegration. High interfacial activity enhances dissolution.



20kg/fiber drum or plastic drum. 7000kg/20"FCL

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