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is what we pursue for ever ! Better chemicals, Better future - we believe in this and carry it out in our chemicals all the time. Chemicals are deeply involved in humankind's life directly and indirectly every day in almost every aspect. How to produce and supply high quality product is what we think about all the time because it is not only from our moral conscience but also the responsibility we should take. We would never sacrifice the quality for economic achievements and we should think about how to make sustainable development and think more for our children and grandchildren. Caring for human future is what we stand for!



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Dear Customers,

TNJ is a chemical company caring for human future. We always believe in Better chemicals, Better future. This is what we keep pursuing all the time.

Chemicals exist in human daily life directly or indirectly, so chemical safety and quality has critical influence on humankind. As a responsible company with great social conscience, we never sacrifice quality to get economic benefits, because we know well that Chemicals are used for and by humankind.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to meet or exceed the needs of our customers in an ongoing and consistent manner. Also we arepreparing for your future needs by continuous improvement in the area of quality.

Here with TNJ quality is not a problem any more because we are always in a responsible manner.

You are very welcome to work together with TNJ on caring for human future.

Thank you very much!

Michael Li
General Director

Quality System
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