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Sucrose Benzoate 99.5% CAS 12738-64-6
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Product name:         Sucrose Benzoate

Molecular Formula:   C12H14O3(OH)8-n(C7H5O)n

CAS No.:                 12738-64-6

EC No.:                   235-795-5


This product is white powder or chip solid, and after melt-cooling is glassy solids. Soluble in toluene, xylene and other organic solvents.


Appearance                   White powder or chip solid

Acidity (as benzoic)          ≤0.3%

Nephelometric analysis ≥85%

Color                                     ≤60APHA

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Sucrose benzoate is a stable, odorless and glassy solid or white powder. It has excellent ultraviolet light stability. It has good compatibility with resins, plasticizers and solvent. Sucrose benzoate is used in ink industry, coating, modifier and plasticizer for plastics and so on.


50kgs/drum or as required by the customer.

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      Sucrose Benzoate 99.5% CAS 12738-64-6
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