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TNJ Chemical attended Food Exhibition and expanded market in Turkey


TNJ Chemical, with delegation led by Sophia Zhang and with the full support of our distributor in Turkey,  visited a few customers in Turkey from Oct. 20- Nov.5, 2019. Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to attend the Food Ingredients Exhibition held in Istanbul on Oct.24-26.


Turkey market is very important to TNJ Chemical, especially in chemical materials, food ingredients, and Cosmetics. Since from 2001, we have about 62 customers in Turkey importing materials regularly from TNJ Chemical and keep having good operation. Till 2019, the sales volume from Turkey market ammounts for about 2.8 million US Dollars.


During this visit, we paid visit to Unigum and CCC, the biggest gum manufacturers in Turkey who have good cooperation with TNJ Chemical for about 10 years. Also the famous cosmetics manufacturers Hobby and P&G etc.  Through the visit, we have face to face talk with customers about the products and service etc, and deepen the impression of each other, as well as the next step for further to expand cooperation.


From Oct.24-26,  we participated in the Food exhibition held in Istanbul. During the three days show, TNJ Chemical dislayed the popular chemical materials to Turkey customers and neighbouring countries such Iran, Syria etc, and got many new inquiries from customers. This, undoubtedly, will be good for future cooperation.


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