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TNJ Chemical further expland Nigeria market based upon great achievements


From August 18 - September 02, 2019, TNJ Chemical sent delegation to Lagos Nigeria with aim to visits our incumbent customers and attend the Nigerial Pharma Manufacturers exhibition.


During two weeks visit, led by Sophia Zhang, TNJ Chemical delegation visits some of our customers with whom we cooperate about more than 10 years. During the visit, we paid visit to the stock warehouse, office and had face-to-face talks with cusotmers, to inquire about the problems they meet at present, and listen to their suggestion and advice etc. 


Accompanied by our agent in Lagos, we also paid visit to some potential customers who showed great interest in TNJ products. It laid foundation for further cooperation.


From August 28-29, TNJ Chemical attended the Pharma manufacturers exhibition held in Lagos. This is the second time we attended such exhibition in Nigeria. It will play big role in our cooperation with customers from Nigeria.


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